Wedding Attire

Dirndls, Lederhosen, Hats and Jewelry

What do you wear to an Oktoberfest wedding? Something you’d wear to the Oktoberfest, of course! We want our guests to be comfortable and ready to eat (Essen), drink (Trinken), and dance (Tanzen)… in August… during the late afternoon… outside in a tent. Nothing is more comfortable than a dirndl or some lederhosen. We have links to some online shops that offer these and also hats and jewelry. (Jeans with German suspenders work, too.) Prosit!

Erika at Rare Dirndl makes beautiful dirndls (dresses), jewelry, and hats geared to a female clientele.

Rare Dirndl Lederhosen Shorts - Click Pic to Go to Site to Buy
Lederhosen - Click Pick to Go to Amazon Page
Dirndl with Apron - Click Pic to Go to Webpage

Spirit Halloween Store

Costume Lederhosen Suspenders - Click Pic to Go to Site to Purchase