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We are so proud to show off our new website! We hope that you find it helpful, nice to look at, and easy to use. It has been an exciting time at Heidi Maschmann Marketing as we continue to assist a lot of small Illinois businesses get online with a web presence that they can be proud of. Our latest customers fall into the farming category that we have come to specialize in. We greatly appreciate all of the referrals that we receive from our existing customer base! We love that you are all so happy! 2016 brings some big changes with open social media posting time slots with the slow down of market participation from one of my major clients who has had to take things a bit easier lately. We hope to fill those up pretty quickly with some new clients who had asked for time for the coming market season. We will keep you updated on other news as the year goes along.

The beginning of the year is a great time to do some website maintenance. Verify your WHOIS settings and domain contact information, especially email addresses. Backup your site including files, folders, and databases. Update CMS plugins and framework apps. Look over your site and make sure your images are not dated.

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      Ripley is the newest member of our team and is tasked with coordinating all team outings. She is working with our HR staff to improve the recreation options available to all team members during working hours.