Merry Christmas! The Holiday Wish vs the Marketing Piece

Merry Christmas! The Holiday Wish vs the Marketing Piece

I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This heartfelt greeting often gets lost in the sea of holiday wishes sent out by every business under the sun. So many companies plan and plot for the most effective message to go out at exactly the right time to allow for the best impact. I love how they include their bolded contact info and even a well placed coupon or ad statement in their message. I don’t know about you, but these just make me mad. As a business owner, I truly want to convey my appreciation for the support my customers have afforded my business. Unfortunately, my message gets lost in all the hype and ads. My customers and friends are numb from the onslaught.

So what do you do? As a business owner it is critical to convey a message of thanks. When possible, make an appointment and stop by the client to convey your holiday message in person. Pick up the phone and call and thank them personally, send a hand written note along with that greeting card, or wait until the second week of the new year and contact your customers then, when you won’t be drowned out and attention to the customer conversation can be two way with a new focus for the new year. This affords the perfect opportunity to begin a dialog about possible new opportunities in the new year and still convey your wish that they had a great holiday. Ask for details because you care, and LISTEN to what they are telling you. Build on your relationship.

With that, I will quickly reiterate my truly meaningful wishes for a fantastic Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. You’ll be hearing from me soon.