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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of the most common questions.

    • What social media sites are the most important to use?

      Which social media sites to use, depends on your type of business. I always recommend at least using Facebook with a link to a Twitter account. Instagram is becoming very important for getting in front of Gen-X and Gen-Y customers. YouTube is an excellent platform to get videos of product demos, facility tours, and business introductions online. YouTube is owned by Google so it will help your search engine ranking, as well, if you have a presence there.
    • How do I find out if I own my own domain name?

      To find out if you own your own domain name, go to https://who.godaddy.com/?ci= It is CRITICAL that you check this to be sure that you own your domain name and have control of that account. Be sure that the email addresses associated to the Registrant, Admin, and Tech contacts are kept up to date using your domain hosting account. Make sure you have the username and password to access the domain hosting account for your website. Your domain name is your online brand. Make sure you own it AND can control it.
    • What website formats do you use?

      We can design your website using HTML/CSS code or we can design using various CMS applications such as WordPress or Joomla!.
    • Do you offer training so I can update my own website?

      Yes. As part of the initial website design, we will spend up to 3 hours training you on the basics of updating your own website content and design. Additional training,  and content & design changes are billed by the hour.
    • Do you maintain the websites you design?

      When you purchase a new website design from us we will keep it up and running for the first year without additional charges. There are additional charges for maintenance services after the first year, including application updates and file backup. Maintenance does NOT include content or design changes. These are billed by the hour.
    • Can you provide images for our website & social media pages?

      Websites can be design using purchased online stock photographs, photos taken by Heidi Maschmann, or high-resolution image files provided by our customer.