Our Friend/Officiant – Terry Brady

A little bit about our long history and friendship with our wedding officiant, Terry Brady.

We have known Terry for 35 years. We met Terry when he was the Chicago Terminal Manager at AC Express. He was my boss twice and a sales rep there, as well. Michelle worked in the ACX Detroit office.

My sisters have worked with Terry and were friends with him for years, as well. My sister, Hilde and Terry’s wife both worked at Emery back in the 80’s.

After Michelle and I were working at ELITeXPO, Terry became a trusted vendor rep for several trucking carriers and agents over the years. I have helped Terry with his website and social media, too.

The four of us also enjoy getting together for some conversation, a nice meal, and a glass of wine. We are blessed to have Terry and Virginia in our lives.

Terry has been a highly rated wedding officiant for many years now. Some of you may even have seen his appearance on Married At First Site a few years back. Watch it here: https://www.facebook.com/TerryBradyCeremonies/videos/1602453159788814/