After All This Time

After All This Time

We’ve been blessed to have spent the past 27 years together. We met through work. Michelle worked at AC Express in Detroit and I worked in the Chicago terminal. We spoke on the phone and “emailed” each other through the work computer system. There was no internet for most folks back then.

We’ve worked together at three companies. We’d spend 24 hours a day together, and actually enjoy it. Now, Covid has forced us to have Michelle find work at a different company. It certainly is strange.

We enjoy watching our Green Bay Packers play football. We love seeing Toto live at concerts across America. Most of all, we love going to German Fest in Milwaukee every year and celebrating our European heritage. In recent years, we’ve added weekly attendance at the Oktoberfest at Checkers II in Union, IL, throughout the month of September each year.

Years ago, we couldn’t get married legally. Now that we’re older, we decided it was finally time. Better late than never.