200 Days…

This week we received the new invitations, envelopes, and inserts. Stamps have been ordered and arrive on Thursday. The cool photo stamps from last year couldn’t be re-done as the USPS no longer supports the use of the custom stamps.

The big quandary now is how many people to invite to the wedding. Right now we have a limit of 25 for an outdoor event. That cuts over 60 friends and/or family off our guest list. So, who to choose becomes a very difficult decision. I am hopeful we will be able to have more people but at this point, the invitations will be going out in batches. Until we see where things are with the pandemic and vaccines, we have to plan based on the current phase requirements.

We want to have a wedding and share a good time with our friends… but it must be done safely. We have to assume masks and distancing will still be required and necessary to keep everyone there comfortable and less concerned for their safety. Especially for those of our guests that are older and/or have high risk factors. I won’t have this become a political issue, as it is strictly a safety issue. I love you all and could not handle anyone becoming sick because they attended our wedding. So please, follow all safety guidelines.

We’ll keep you posted on everything as we get closer to the wedding day.

For those of you that we won’t be able to have in attendance, we are sorry things are as they are. We are planning to go live on Facebook for the ceremony and will post additional photos and video of the reception.